採用活動における個人情報に関する取り扱い/Handling of personal information regarding recruitment activities

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1. 個人情報の収集および利用の目的
1. Purpose of personal information collection and usage
TOYOTA Connected(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") collect personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") through the designated entry form for the purpose of using the information for recruitment activities. In addition, as a result of the recruitment selection process, the personal information of the successful applicant will continue to be managed as employee information, and in other cases, it will be deleted by appropriate methods. Also the Company may extract data from personal information that cannot be used to identify individuals, and use such data for statistics, analysis, and other purposes by creating statistical data.

2. 個人情報提供の任意性
2. Voluntariness of personal information provision
Filling all the questions on entry form is not necessarily, however please understand that this may interfere with its selection.

3. Outsourcing of personal information
The Company may entrust part of its business to an external contractor. In such cases, when disclosure of personal information is necessary, the Company will limit the disclosure to the minimum items necessary for the performance of the outsourced work, conclude a confidentiality agreement, prohibit the use of personal information outside of the outsourced work, prevent leaks, and ensure that the information is disposed of after the outsourced work is completed.

当社は、採用活動において提出していただいた個人情報について、予め本人の同意を得た場合を除き、第三者には提供いたしません。 ただし、次の場合は、本人の事前同意を得ずに関係者へ個人情報を提供する場合があります。
4. Provision of personal information to third parties
The Company will not provide personal information of applicants to third parties without the consent of applicants themselves, except for following cases.
・When required by law or regulations.
・When there is a threat to the life, health or property of the individual and difficult to have consent for its provision.(Blood types and emergency contact when necessary)

ご登録いただいた個人情報について、開示・訂正・削除を請求される場合、下記お問い合わせ窓口までご連絡下さい。法律上必要な範囲ですみやかに対応いたします。 ただし、採用判断にかかわる情報の開示は、 業務の適正な実施に著しい支障を及ぼすおそれがあるため応じません。
5. Disclosure, collection and deletion of personal information
In case of applicant requests to disclose, collect, and delete one’s personal information, please contact the Company at the contact information below. The Company will respond promptly to the extent legally required. However the Company will not respond to the disclosure related to employment decisions because it may significantly interfere with the proper implementation of the Company’s business.

6. Management of personal information
The Company will appoint a person responsible for the management of personal information and will manage such information appropriately. In addition, in order to prevent leakage of personal information and rewriting of personal information by anyone other than the individual concerned, strict security measures are implemented and personal information is stored in a secure environment with access and password control.

応募者 の個人情報についての管理は、以下の者が実施いたします。
トヨタコネクティッド 株式会社 人事総務部
〒460 0003 名古屋市中区錦一丁目 11 番 11 号
名古屋インターシティ 14 階

7. The Responsible person-in-charge of Personal Information Protection
Management of applicants’ personal information will be carried out by the following person.
【The Responsible person-in-charge of Personal Information Protection】
TOYOTA Connected Corporation
Personnel Administration Div. general manager
〒460-0003 Nagoya Intercity 14th floor, 1-11-11
Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-city

Handling of personal information regarding recruitment activities


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